OEFT (tapping)

The Emotional Freedom Technique is an easy, yet profound healing and coaching techique. It is done by tapping on specific acupressure points to reduce stress, catalyze physical healing and promote mental and emotional wellbeing. Originally known simply as EFT, this is OEFT through which the client initiates each EFT session by inviting ‘the Hidden Therapist’ (higher power) to guide the session. The results can be beautiful!

EFT can be used for:
interpersonal conflicts
overwhelm & stress
lack of confidence
life transitions
progress towards a goal
to build self-esteem
to increase performance skills (e.g. at work/school/sports)

All sessions are done remotely via Zoom.
Length of Session:  60

Cost of Session:  $85.00

Schedule an appointment: send an email to wildrosereiki.nyc@eloisedeleon
and please include your full name, phone number, time zone, and preference of day of the week and time of day (morning/afternoon/evening). You will receive a response within a day.

Payment methods:
Venmo – payable to @eloisedeleon
Paypal – to Eloise DeLeon at eloisemargaret@gmail.com