Inner Journey

An Inner Journey visualization involves deep relaxation and connection with your inner wisdom and spirit guidance. If you like to visualize, daydream or dream, you’ll love an Inner Journey session.

Every person’s inner journey is different. Clients typically receive some type of counsel or healing. Some people speak with their higher self, others with a beloved deceased relative, and others with their spirit guide. Inner Journey visualizations can give you inner peace, insight, and the awareness of how fully supported you really are in life.

Cost: $95 / 75-minute session (via Zoom)

Payment methods:
Venmo – payable to
Paypal – to Eloise DeLeon at

To Schedule a session: Send an email to

Please include your full name, phone number (and time zone), and preferred time (day of week/time of day–morning, afternoon, early evening).


“I want to thank you for the work that you do. After our first session I have to admit, the feeling I had around me was exhilarating…even the next day I felt so connected, so much happiness within, and as I looked outside and all around, I took deep breaths admiring creation, because the world seemed so beautiful. So much gratitude for your patience in teaching me new ways of healing as I know we can help heal this world one person at a time.” – Diane D.V.

“Thank you, Eloise 🙏your practice & healing modality is such a gift…so authentic & unique.” Donna V.

“I had a session with Eloise. It was absolutely amazing! It was one of the deepest, most intense and interesting experiences I have ever had. Whenever I have an experience like this, part of me just tries to blow it off and say that I just imagined everything, but this was so detailed–I can still remember it vividly like it actually happened in physical reality. I’m still stunned as I’m writing this.” Candace H.

“I’m still flying from a reent session guided by Eloisa de Leon. Eloisa’s support and guidance truly create fertile ground to expand awareness of the wisdom within. I did mine long distance, and it was amazing.” Endy B.